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Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. In essence Brushcar MBMP is able to supply the widest range of wash media and mounting systems and designs. Whether you have an existing machine that wants re-brushing or you are a manufacturer of machines and want to discuss new brush and media technology, Brushcar MBMP is here to help.

All of our products are made under a rigorous Quality Control system, ISO 9001:2015, and all come in a range of standard colours, although special colours will always be considered.


Our newest brush module “FLEXIFILL” is designed to offer absolute flexibility for users and manufacturers alike. With this unique system it is possible to replace individual leaves of the brush element without the need to replace the whole brush. This makes car wash maintenance of brushes far more ecologically sound. Different media choices can be made easily once the FLEXIFILL module is in place.


Flexifill Brushes

FLEXIFILL is a truly ingenious design that allows complete choice to the car wash operator.

FinishTex Brushes

FINISHTEX is a unique brush material for use at the end of car wash tunnels or in stand alone Polish Stations.

Drying Strips

SOFTDRYCAR DRY-IT strips are suitable for all types of tunnel and conveyorised car wash systems.

Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes can be found on most automatic car wash machines.

Brushes for HGV / Trains

For Truck, Bus, and Train washing Brushcar MBMP use a special polyethylene filament to ensure that all commercial vehicle wash systems can effectively clean ...

Mixte brushes

MIXTE brushes include soft polyethylene filament strands and square profiled POLYMOUSSE strands assembled in the same brush.

Traditional Brushes

Brushes made with polyethyelene filament are the “classic” car wash brush, and the polyethylene filament used by Brushcar MBMP is all ....

PolyTex Brushes

POLYTEX is a specific needle felt material created from extensive research and development into the ever growing demands of modern car wash equipment.

PolyFoam Brushes

SOFTBRUSHCAR POLYMOUSSE is the original scratch proof material made in high density closed- cell, cross linked Polyethylene foam.

Aluminium tubes

Brushcar MBMP is able to provide alumium tubes, complete with flanges for all types of vehicle wash equipment.

Products Available In These Colours

BRUSHCAR – MBMP have been making brushes for automatic vehicle cleaning equipment since its inception in 1990.

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